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raidcom add snapshot problem

Question asked by Juan Manuet on Mar 10, 2016
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i have a thin group of disk defined in horcm and created with paircreate:




## group   name   serial       target                MU#

www  www_01       0000        01:10->31:10     0

www  www_02       0000        01:11->31:11     0

www  www_03       0000        01:12->31:12     0



and i'm trying to add a new disk www_04 to this group but with the CCI (command line)


i show the actual www_03 thin, created via paircreate and horcm99.conf:

sudo raidcom get snapshot -ldev 31:12 -I99


snapshot_name   P/S       STAT    serial    ldev   MU#

-                           S-VOL   SUS      0000    31:12   0


Then i try create the new one with raidcom:

raidcom add snapshot -ldev_id 01:13 31:13 -pool 1  -snapshotgroup group_www -I99


If i show the new created thin pair:

sudo raidcom get snapshot -ldev 31:13 -I99


snapshot_name   P/S       STAT    serial    ldev   MU#

group_www         S-VOL   SUS      0000    31:13   3


i have this problems:

the "snapshot_name" is not "-" like the other disks created with horcm.conf and paircreate (and raidcom dont let me assign the snapshot_name "-" to the new 31:13 disk)

and the MU# of the new disk is 3, not 0 like the other three old disks


perhaps i must before add the three disks of www horcm group to a snapshot group with raidcom modify snapshot? and after that,  create the new 31:13 disk in that snapshot group?

but i cant modify www_01, www_02, www_03 to add to another group with raidcom, it returns error and keeps showing the "-" snapshot_name


I need help to add a new thinimage disk via raidcom or CCI to an existent HORCM group