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Remote Replication HUS110

Question asked by Borres Rey Andrew F on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Borres Rey Andrew F

Just want to ask some questions...

1. When you click the replication name in Remote Replication menu there is a field that says "Size Difference". What does this refer to? Is it the delta (+ or -) of primary to secondary volume?

2. I have a running remote replication for 7 volumes (2tb each) using 30Mbps link.Initial setup was the 2 storage back to back on the same site.after the volumes are paired we then transfered the other array to the DR site and resume replication.The volumes are used as datastore for vmware.we then decided to do some cleaning we moved some vms to other one volume we managed to free up around 700GB.looking at the volume(datastore) in vsphere it still says it has lower free space than expected. What could be the reason?

3. We also noticed is that this volumes takes longer to get paired. Is it because of the changes made to the volume that replication has to catch up to the changes that's causing it to take longer than usual?

4. Will deleting the pair of that volume and creating it again give better faster replication performance?

5. Will creating an empty 2tb volume then replicate it result a faster replication?

6. Is there a work around to my problem?

So sorry for the many questions...hope somebody can help me...thanks!