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Chrome/Firefox issue -Application bar area

Question asked by Bart Keys on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Dang Luong

I'm having trouble getting Chrome or Firefox to function correctly when configuring storage via device manager and element manager, when I attempt to it keeps opening the application bar in a tab called "Device Bar Area" on my device manager window.


Steps to recreate:

  1. Open device manager, in a chrome/Firefox tab.
  2. Right click on an array in the resources tab, select element manager
  3. A new SNM2 window is opened.
  4. Select "Groups"
  5. Select "Host Groups"
  6. A tab called "Application Bar Area" is created on the original "Device Manager" window.
    • This new tab contains a green bar at the bottom, on that bar are the "Refresh information" and "help" buttons.
    • Pressing these buttons has no effect, they no longer appear to be associated with the SNM2 window.


Is this a known issue is there any work around?


Software in question:

Command Suite: 8.2.1-01


Windows: Win7 Enterprise SP1

Chrome: 48.0.2564.116 m

Firefox: 38.2.1

Though in it happened with earlier versions of the above software as well.


Storage system info:

Storage system
H/W Rev.0100
Serial Number*********
IP Address 1*********
IP Address 2*********
Configured Capacity890.79 TB
Actual Capacity0 MB
Free Space0 MB
Total Cache32.00 GB