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[ Question ] HDS SVP Vaccine & Windows Patch

Question asked by Hyun-Dong Cho on Feb 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Cris Danci

HDS SVP Vaccine & Windows Patch


1. The current standard, when you advance the latest Windows patch updates work, or does not have a problem?

2. When you complete the update each time leaving the latest Windows patch in the future, you do not have a problem?

3. do you ensure the SVP normal function after performing the update of the patch?

4. occurred interruption while updating SVP Harutende, Do you have any influence on the Storage Among them?
(While being SVP restart, Hi-track is, Is normal operation?)

5. also complete the V3 installed on the SVP, whether there is a problem with the Storage and SVP?