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HORCM instance failed to start after adding a new device group

Question asked by Altaf Basheer on Feb 21, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Altaf Basheer

Hello folks,


I have a problem and hoping some help with starting the HORCM instance.


Today morning I created a new device group in an existing horcm file - HUR set up.


After I edited both the HORCM files (primary and secondary), I tried to restart the HORCM instance but it keeps failing. So I shutdown the instance with the command " 30". And since then I am not able to start the instance. I keep getting the below errors.


It was working fine until I added this device group - And nothing else was changed in the configuration.


Please find the error information below:



=== === ===

[root@Test etc]# 30

starting HORCM inst 30

HORCM inst 30 has failed to start.


[root@Test etc]# pairdisplay -IH30 -g TEST_APP_HUR -fcx

pairdisplay: [EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager

Refer to the command log(/HORCM/log30/horcc_Test.log) for details.


--- --- ---


COMMAND ERROR  : EUserId for HORC[30] : root (0)  Sun Feb 21 23:06:18 2016

CMDLINE : /usr/bin/horcctl -S

*********** SYSTEM ERROR ***********

P.P.   : RAID Manager for Linux

Model  : RAID-Manager/Linux

Ver&Rev: 01-32-03/06

Release: Production(GA)



   Host: Test

EUserId: root (0)

Process: 1820



[System Call Error]

SysCall: bind

Errorno: 2 (No such file or directory)

ErrInfo: Internal Error

ErrTime: Sun Feb 21 23:06:18 2016

SrcFile: shorcmc.c

SrcLine: 672



23:06:18-b5eb4-00001820- 1820:HORCM death detected

23:06:21-b6dfa-00001820- ERROR:cm_open[scmclcon() timeout_err]

23:06:21-b762b-00001820- ERROR:horcm_lep_create

23:06:21-b8a16-00001820- [horcctl][exit(251)]

[EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager

[Cause ]:Couldn't connect with the HORC manager.

[Action]:Please check if HORC manager is running or if HORCMINST is set correctly.



=== === ===


Can someone please check into this and help? Thanks in advance.