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CCI Command issue

Question asked by arumuga raja on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Dang Luong

Hi All


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I have an issue with CCI. I am unable to run the command due to some permission issue. While running commands i am getting below error.


c:\HORCM\etc>raidcom add ldev -ldev_id 18:70 -pool 0 -capacity 1g -I0

raidcom command doesn't have a privilege that can be executed on this CMDDEV(unit# 0).

COMMAND ERROR : EUserId for HORC[0] : ar5370adm (0) Wed Feb 17 13:49:30 2016

CMDLINE : raidcom.exe -a reg -o ldev -pldev 0x1870 -ppid 0 -psize 1g -I0

13:49:30-a9ad8-00000900- [raidcom][exit(203)]

[EX_EPPERM] Permission denied with the privilege

[Cause ]:A specified command device does not have a privilege to execute this command.

[Action]:Please make the authority and responsibility.

raidcom: [EX_EPPERM] Permission denied with the privilege





Can anyone help me here please? Thank You.