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HCP replication troubleshooting

Question asked by Gary Matthews on Feb 16, 2016

Hi ,


Hope someone can help . I've just set up our DR HCPs in our secondary datacentre DC2 . I'm now trying to create the replication link from, outbound from primary (DC1) to DC2 but it's failing to communicate

I've got the hcp_system, a prod and a replication vlan configured

The replication vlan has been set as the replication network on both systems

I've exchanged certificates

Comms have told me that the vlan is routed stright to the interdatacentre switches , bypassing firewalls

They can ping both sets of node on the rep vlan IPs from either switch


Any ideas or where in the logs I should look? DC1 is currently at v7.1 and DC2 v7.2


Thanks for any advice