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Create Pairs (HSN) - COW Snapshot

Question asked by Jonathan Rend Employee on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2016 by Jonathan Rend

Trying to create a simple 1 (P)Vol to 1 (S)Vol pair using Create Pairs wizard in Storage Navigator.


Firstly, there is a drop down box to select the Port ID when i'm in "Select Primary Volume", the problem is is does not list the port ID of the Host Group and LDEV ID which I want to select as the Primary volume for the pair?


Then, just above selecting the "Port ID" drop down, there is "Use Primary Volumes of Snapshot Pairs" with radio button "Yes" or "No". "No" is always selected and "Yes" is greyed out. I'm a bit confused what this is meaning and if it's related to the initial problem where I can't select the path I need for the Primary LDEV?


Any help would be grateful.