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Snapshot Expand V-VOL on VSP

Discussion created by Milan Volf on Feb 4, 2016
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Please, can somebody help me to solve the V-VOL Expansion in Snapshot Pool?

Expand V-VOL works fine for HDT or HDP Pool but it's not supported for Snapshot Pool.


My Situation is:

1. Customer is using one Clone and three TI Snapshots.

2. Production LDEV (P-VOL) is created in HDT Pool.

3. Clone LDEv is created in another HDP Pool as S-VOLs to Production LDEV.

4. In Snap Pool are created three Snapshots as S-VOLs to Production LDEV.


Normal situation is V-VOL expansion of Production LDEV (P-VOL).

For SI Clone we do next steps:

1. pairsplit -S of Clone pair.

2. Clone LDEV (S-VOL) V-VOL expansion.

3. Paircreate of Clone pair.

4. pairsplit of Clone pair into PSUS state.


Fore TI Snaphots it is imposible to Expand TI V-VOL in Snap Pool.

We do next steps:

1. pairsplit -S of Snapshot pairs.

2. Unmap all three snapshots fro al Host Groups

2. Delete of all Snapshot LDEVS (V-VOLs).

3. Create new LDEVs with new Size as V-VOLs in Snap Pool.

4. New map of all Snapshot LDEVs into Host Groups.


Please, let me know if it's possible to expand Snapshot V-VOLs without unmapping from Host Groups.