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De-dup on HUS 110

Question asked by Herta Van den Eynde on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Herta Van den Eynde isn't clear to me.  It states:


"Hitachi Data Systems has introduced primary storage deduplication that truly delivers on the broken promises

of other storage vendors in the past and brings capacity efficiency and business value without compromise. The deduplication capabilities found in the Hitachi NAS Platform and HUS carry some heavyweight wins for meeting enterprise-level demands with enterprise-level functionality"


To me, "Hitachi NAS Platform and HUS" seems to imply that the HUS 110 supports de-dup for both SAN and NAS. 


But our partner claims that de-dup is only supported on a HUS 110 with a NAS head.  Is that correct?


If you'd add a NAS head, would it only de-dup the NAS volumes?


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