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Luns not visible post virtualization from G1000 to WIN 2008 r2

Question asked by Rahul Bhat on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Rahul Bhat

Hi Guys

I did the virtualization of some test luns from USPVM to G1000, but after mapping the virtualized luns via G1000 ports, the luns are not visible on the OS side even though at HBA level, we can see them.

So is there anything in compatibility matrix which I might be missing for 2008 R2 with G1000 ?


HBA Model - HPAE312A 4G ,  Driver version ( the HBA model is there but firmware is one version down, but i doubt if this could be a problem as I see the G1000 at HBA level


OS Version - Win 2008 R2 Datacenter

G1000 MC - 80-03-12-00/

USPVM MC - 60-08-45-00


Steps followed are as below,



4 Luns of 10G each, used by test system on USPVM , need to be migrated to G1000.


Externalise the volumes on wlcvma02 to G1000 - The server had no IO, and externalization was done during server being Online


1. zone G1000 EXT ports to USPVM target ports

2. Create host group on USPVM using G1000 EXT port WWN and USPVM Target ports with 2C windows extension

3. Map the migration volumes to the above host group for externalization of the luns on USPVM -  the same 4 vol as above were mapped to the host group.

4. Create external path group and discover the source storage from VSP G1000. ( cache mode disabled/ inflow disabled)

5. Offline USPVM volumes on the server and shutdown.

6  Map the 4 external luns ( Basic Luns ) to test host via 5A/6A ports on G1000 - done ( at this point the server is shutdown )

7. Remove old USPVM lun paths from test host.

8. Restart the server with new storage paths and access the disks. - no visible luns


Checks :

1. remap the original luns from USPVM - they are back online and able to R/W

2. check for firmware compatibility

3. change LUN id 0 to 1 in cases of boot option conflict

4. reset/restart server/ reset zonng.