John Harker

Hitachi announces LinuxONE support on VSP G and F series systems

Discussion created by John Harker Employee on Jan 25, 2016

IBM has taken a new tack with their enterprise system hardware, an additive one, with LinuxONE.    LinuxONE addresses a forward-looking open systems-based market, and is a turnkey enterprise system pre-configured as a standard virtualized Linux system. Under the covers it still runs on the powerful mainframe hardware and software,  but as delivered operationally it is managed and used as a virtual scaleable set of Linux systems.   Supporting SUSE and RedHAT operating systems, and with the ability to run them virtually and scale to significant economic advantages, this is an exciting new direction for IBM enterprise systems.   It should be an ideal platform for an enterprise-class cloud system using standard REST services and interfaces.


Hitachi is happy to announce new options for customers with LinuxONE compatibility for the full range of VSP G and VSP F systems.  Since its introduction the VSP G1000 has included mainframe support for Linux for System Z.   New, we are announcing open standard fibre channel support for LinuxONE systems with our full range of VSP systems, including the VSP F all flash series and the VSP G midrange systems.   This extends attractive low cost and all-flash storage alternatives to customers considering mainframe hardware-based scalable Linux systems.   With the VSP F series it is easy to configure high-performance but cost effective all flash systems.   And with the VSP G series the full range of Hitachi Enterprise storage virtualization and disaster recovery capabilities is offered at a lower price point.


Something to look into if you are interested in LinuxONE.