Joao Serra

HCP Anywhere not accessible after upgrade to 2.1

Discussion created by Joao Serra on Jan 22, 2016



In a very small lab deployment, I've upgraded both Virtual Anywhere nodes from 2.0.4 to Everything looked normal during the upgrade, which I was following while doing other stuff. The last message I recall seeing from the upgrade gui was the rebooting of the first node, after the progress bar of the upgrade reached the end.


To turn a long story short, now I cannot access any of the nodes nor can ping them. The strangest thing is that I can see the nodes running under their vmware console but barely:


First, I thought it could be some issue with the host but there are vms working perfectly using the same hardware.


I'm sure this has to do with the upgrade process. Just need to understand what and, if possible, how to fix it. 


Any suggestions?