Bruce Kirkland

hur tracking

Discussion created by Bruce Kirkland on Jan 18, 2016

Just throwing this out there for ideas. I keep a log of journal info from a script (sample output below)

raidvchkscan  -v jnl

201601180000:JID MU CTG  JNLS  AP  U(%)   Q-Marker   Q-CNT  D-SZ(BLK)   Seq# Num LDEV#

201601180000:002  0   0  PJNN   2    0    01347bb3     171   24387072  66620   1 32932

201601180000:003  0   1  PJNN   2    0    35f27a16      72  756487672  66620   9 32794


for several years not I've run this and kept the output with the data/time stamp on the front as you see above.

suddenly today I have a journal that just stopped working with a status of PSUE, yet my script that runs every 15 minutes never saw that status - sounds like a call to HDS is in order.

I've depended on this  output to tell me when journals are filling or failing - anyone got a better way they would like to share?