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HUS 110 LUN creation/mapping

Question asked by Laszlo Budai on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by Laszlo Budai

Dear all,


We have added a few disks to one of our HUS 110 storages, and I wanted to use them for a host. I have created a new raid group (aurgadd), then I nave created a new lun (auluadd). After this I have mapped the LUN (auhgmap).

The current status of the lun is:

17    1638.9 GB   512KB  4 N/A  1+0( 2D+2D)  SAS                  4  Normal(Quick Formatting(4%))


My question s whether this LUN should be visible or not on the hosts right now (while the format is in progress)?


Currently my server is not able to see it. The "luxadm probe" command is not reporting the new lun.

What am I missing?


Thank you in advance for any clarifications/ideas.


Kind regards,