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Correct stripe size on AMS2500

Question asked by Stephen McQueen on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by Stephen McQueen

Hello everyone,


I have an AMS2500 which is virtualized to a VSP. There is a DP pool created on the AMS with the stripe size parameter of 64KB. The LUNs for the VSP are going from that DP pool.I also have another AMS which is connected and virtualized to the same VSP. That second AMS has got a DP pool with 256KB stripe size.

On the VSP the luns from both AMS arrays are fromed into pools and then from those pools, the LUNs to hosts are allocated. The disks used are SAS in both pools and the size is almost the same, RAID used is RAID10. The servers which are receiving capacity from those pools have similar configuration and are a part of a scale-out architecture. I have recently noticed that on the LUNs that are originating from the AMS pool with 64KB stripe size, the response time is much higher, than on the LUNs that are coming from the pool with 256KB stripe size. What is the best practice for the stripe sizing of DP pools that are going to be presented from AMS to VSP to further form a pool? Is it possible to change the stripe size on an AMS DP pool?