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HCP AD Authentication issue/problem

Question asked by Martin Villringer on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Martin Villringer

Hi all,


i'm sitting at customer site and have trouble with the ad user authentication.


What we have:

  • 2 HCP 300 solutions, joined to the customer network and also their ad
  • Running HCP v7.1.2.18 / Hotfix: H1030
  • System is healthy


AD Conf:

Nodes correctly configured

Use NTLMv2 authentication is enabled



We have configured three namespaces with allow access through CIFS "Authenticated access only". Now, the CIFS Shares are accessible from each AD User while we have configured "Authenticated access only" and set the "Minimum Data Access Permissions" also only to the "Authenticated Access Only". We try a lot, when we disable the CIFS protocol the Share isn't reachable for all and when we change some "Minimum Data Access Permissions" it also works but we're not able to restrict access to authenticated users only. We already flush the ad cache several times but without success.



We want to only allow AD-Users within an AD-Group to reach a CIFS Share.


Has someone an idea or the same problem?


THX ...