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DP LUN migration

Question asked by Gary Matthews on Nov 16, 2015

Hi, We have a HNAS that's run out of space, so I'm currently freeing up space in a DP pool (all from an AMS25000) to shrink it and free up PGs for presentation to the HNAS. I'm moving a group of 16 512 GB Volumes from a DP pool to a DT Pool in one batch job through HCS (8.1.0-00) on a VSP. First 8 took about 2 hours , the remaining migrations appear to be stuck, they have been showing the same % complete now for 3 days. It's migrated enough for me to shrink the pool , tried stopping the task this morning , so far it's taking 4 hours to stop with no change. Is there a safe way to get this task to cancel?