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SRM & HDS HUR\HTI Failures

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Piyush Khatri

We have husvm replicated to DR site with vmware 5.1+ and protection groups are failing randomly ( sometimes works sometimes fails  with failure to bring up newly added luns).

HUR\HTI horcm files looks good, SRA is installed on separate server then HCS where replication manager and central pair management server are also installed.

Can someone comment on the options below.


SplitReplication=true and RMSRATMU=1 

SplitReplication=false and RMSRATMU=0 ( Current setting)

Prod>>>>>>>>>>>DR >>>>>>>>>>>>>>DR

          HUR                         HTI


Pair Management server, in prod site.

1. server1=HCS\Replication manager

2. server2=SRM

Versions-SRM & SRA 2.1.4



Very inconsistent, HMO on both prod and DR site are the same, SRM fails to bring up the thin images for testing, SRA\HCS is installed on windows hosts

Failed to detete snaphots of replica devices\CTG group\SRA cmd "testfailoverstop" failed for CTG, Raid manager cmd pairdisplay etc has failed for  CTG group RC=XXX