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hnas best practices 12.3

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Biju Krishnan

I'm currently about to launch an HNAS running 12.3 in to a production environment. I've seen recommendations/guidelines change a bit over time. I've been reading the Best Practices manual but it only covers up to 12.1 code. I just noticed under "Sharing HDP Pools Guidelines"

Do not share HDP Pools between multiple clusters

Do not share HDP Pools between HNAS and other servers (Linux/Windows, VMWare, and so forth.)

I don't see a reason for another HNAS on the same array, let alone the same pool, but other servers like Linux/Windows/VMware/AIX are on every HDP pool and always have been.

Is there any updated 12.3 information on this?  If its just a "won't get the best performance" guideline I can live w/that. We don't really push the HNAS at all.