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LUN still shows consumed capacity after data moved off volume. Why?

Question asked by B082X3QA on Aug 28, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2017 by Daniel Kleeman

Why does a lun/volume still show a consumed capacity amount after data has been moved off of it?


I have a 2TB RAID5 volume on our HUS130 which was presented to VMware as a 2TB datastore. There were 2 VMs that resided on this datastore. I want to delete this 2TB lun from storage side so in VMware I migrated the 2 VM's to another datastore then on Hitachi storage side, I removed the host group port settings for the RAID5 2TB volume I plan to delete. This removed the datastore/lun from VMware side (after I rescanned all HBA's for my VM hosts) however HSNM2 still shows this 2TB volume with a consumed capacity of 96GB (which is what it stated BEFORE I migrated the VMs off of it).
Why is this? There are no more VMs on this volume and nothing is accessing it as there are 0 paths so why wouldn't the consumed capacity reflect that? I'm not sure why this volume still shows 96GB consumed.


I just need to be sure there is nothing left on this volume before I delete it on Hitachi SAN side.

Thank you!