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Monitoring HUS 110 via PRTG SNMP

Question asked by Oleg Pavlov on Aug 17, 2015

Hello! I having troubles with SNMP monitoring configuration via PRTG. I have read "HUS-OperationsGuide-DF827514" SNMP section, there are several issues... I've found some MIB files on disk named "Hitachi Storage Navigator 2 Modular Software Documentation Library, Aipril 2014" (HS307_40) at location DISK:\SNMP\MIB\V22_0\. Is that a correct files for SNMP monitoring HUS 110? When i trying to add a sensor in PRTG, there is a window with endless activity progress and nothing happens. Is there any way to check, that i use correct MIB files? Thanks! Sorry for my English.