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HCS licensing question

Question asked by Cris Danci on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by Cris Danci

Hi All,


I'm thinking about dockerizing a HCS install when 8.2 is released.   I have a few customers musing with the idea  of moving all management services based on Linux into containers so they can push deployment as the setup new sites and I think I could make it happen with HCS


I'm considering pushing it to the public registry so it will be available for general use rather than keeping it locked away behind a private repo.  Unfortunately, to be able to do this I'll effectively have to make the installer files publicly availability (since I'll be using docker's autobuild features rather than depending on committed images).  Currently HCS is only available through the support portal, so by doing so I will be making the installer available to download on the Internet without a portal login.  So my question is does doing this violate any licensing restrictions?


Seth Faber I think you might be the man to answer this question, or at least find out who can answer it.