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How to upgrade HTnM Agent for Raid

Question asked by jordan smith on Aug 6, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2015 by jordan smith

I just used the all-in-one installer to upgrade from a 7.6 HCS to 8.1.4. I checked the version of my agent for raid after and noticed that it is still on the older version:

jpctminfo agtd -p

PRODUCT  Hitachi Tuning Manager - Agent for RAID

VERSION  7.6.0-00(07-60-00)

KAVF24903-I There is no patch history information.

        COMPONENT  Collection Manager

        VERSION  8.1.4-00(08-14-00)


I am unable to find any clear process on how to upgrade the agent.

Can anyone provide we with some info on it or a clear document if it exists?


Thank you for the help.