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Whether HDLM works in Windows 2003 along with EMC Powerpath ?

Question asked by Muthu Kumar Sankara Narayanan on Jul 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2015 by Dang Luong

  We are planning to migrate an application residing in Windows 2003 OS server with EMC VMAX storage to Hitachi VSP storage.

Currently the luns are managed through EMC Powerpath.

Need to have some clarifications:


  1. To have the VSP volumes configured in the server, should we install HDLM in the server
    or can we use the powerpath mpio for the VSP volumes as well.
  2. If we have to install HDLM, whether it can manage only the VSP volumes and let the
    EMC devices managed by powerpath ?
  3. Being it is Windows 2003 OS, should we have to reboot the host to get the VSP drives
    visible in the host ?


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.