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HUR replication Manager GUI Error

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Dang Luong

I have an issue with our replication manager.

Our Setup:

1. Primary & secoundry servers are windows, no other server manager replication all config changes are done on the primary server.

2. HCS & replicaiton manager are 8.01

3. SRM Servers hangle ESX failover with HUR


I have 5 CTG , however, all CTG with SRM config are not allowing me to click on pair management, error as below, while rest are functioning normally.

An attempt to start the pair configuration Wizard has failed.

The selected copy group configuration is an unsupported configuration ( RPM-00045)

None of the horcm files are invalid, no other errors are visible, HCS and server comes up fine.server and services have been restarted, devices refreshed and cmd device is present and funtioning.

Let me know what can be done to fix


Question: Could a difference in CCI version on SRM server vs Primary Horcm HUR server cause this issue, as ESX environment has its own SRM\CCI servers that HUR replication manager GUI talks to , recently CCI version on SRM server was updated, i dont believe that was dont on the primary servers.


communication between HCS and Device manager seems to fail, even though i setup and tested device manager agent and the test was sucessfull with communication.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Hitachi\HDVM\HBaseAgent\bin\ hdvmagt_setting.exe

An attempt to acquire pair volume information on the host "Servername" has failed. Error details: "An error was detected in the host agent. Details: "SSL was not set up between the Device Manager agent and Device Manager, so user authentication for the storage system could not be performed.(ErrorCode=6182)"". (KAIC07792-E)


The error regarding SSL is in both HDvM ( HCS) server and SRM Server


I thought i can remove and re add the Server to HCS management, until i saw this  ( HCS>Administration>Hosts)

When removing storage resources, you can select to:

  • Unallocate volumes
  • If the volumes that are un allocated when a host is removed are global-active device paired volumes, the following information is released at the same time:

- Copy pairs

- Copy groups

- Configuration definition files (HORCM)

  • Delete associated host groups/iSCSI targets
  • Etc

This seems to be very very dangerious seeeting in the HCS, if i were to as above it could wipe out the entire array ?

To me this is way to dangerous...