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HUS 130 - upgraded Device Manager and re-installed HSNM2. DM now cannot refresh storage system

Question asked by B082X3QA on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by B082X3QA

I upgraded Device Manager to version and also upgraded HSNM2 as we have had a microcode upgrade since that version. I was using the software from to upgrade. We were already using the most recent version of HSNM2 (from version 27.77.8) so the install went through and UNinstalled the entire HSNM2 software. I re-installed it however I believe all my settings were lost. My login no longer existed, I had to recreate that as well as on the array (I had to log in using Hitachi's login). I cannot recall what settings (email alerts, etc) I may have had on our HSNM2.
First, is there a way to restore the settings we used to have?


The problem is now when I log into Device Manager and I try to refresh the storage system I get the following message "An attempt to log in to the storage system has failed. Check the validity of the user ID and password. Moreover, please confirm whether the account registered in the storage system is effective. (KAIC05303-E)"


What account does Device Manager use to refresh the storage system and what do I need to check on HSNM2 side to allow this?

thank you!