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Accessing Storage Navigator

Question asked by Viswanath V on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2016 by Bhaskar Ramashankar

Greeting of the day,


Quickly i have 2 Questions -


1) On Storage Navigator one of the storage admin has been there is in modify mode - where in time out for him is 20 mins (just for instance) his system got hanged, it would take couple of minutes to turn it on...Is there any alternative way to log him off or change his console to view mode. (I know we would not be able to access SVP in modify mode).


2) When partition manager is enabled - Can the storage admin & storage partition admin can be in the modify mode at a single point ???

    if yes/no on what scenario?? Is it on the same SLPR or an different SLPR ?