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HUS 130 - best to create new DP pool with RAID5 or create vol under existing DP Pool RAID10

Question asked by B082X3QA on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by B082X3QA

We have a HUS 130. We just added a new tray to our environment. Currenlty we have a VMware DP Pool configured of numerous volumes with RAID1+0, 2D+2D. To test performance and compare to RAID10, we want to create a small 2TB volume as RAID5. This would be for VMware use as well.

Do I create a new DP pool (attach to same host group as our VMware DP Pool) and configure this LUN as RAID5, 2D+1P OR since we already have DP Pool VMware attached to VMware host group, do I just create this new volume under our existing DP Pool (which is configured as RAID1+0) and set this new volume as RAID5? Hope that made sense.

My main question it best to create an entirely new DP Pool since the RAID is different or is it just fine to create this new RAID5 volume under our existing RAID1+0 DP Pool?