Peter Isaac

HDI - Filesystem creation problem

Discussion created by Peter Isaac on May 22, 2015

Hi All


HCP and HDI both are deployed on VM environment for demo purpose. All possible setup in HCP is done. I am facing following problems;


1. When I am trying to create file system on HDI with Content Sharing - OFF , I am getting the error as

" A namespace cannot be created because acquisition of system information failed" This error doesn't show up if I use content sharing ON as RW or RO.


2. I have also noticed an error on dashboard as

"The setup account doesn't have the permission required to access the namespace ...." due to that necessary information on Namespace or Filesystem is not getting populated.


3. Once a SHARE is created from the filesystem (RW or RO or Home Directory) and mounted the CIFS volume on windows machine, I don't see any folders or file structure which is manually created on namespace and don't have any permission to access the mounted volume.


A help would be highly appreciated as we need to provide the demo to the customer within couple of days.