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Anyone got experience taming a wild IO host using Server Priority Mgr in VSP?

Question asked by Robert Dowd on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Robert Dowd

We have a bunch of hosts connected to VSP.

One host is consuming a lot of resources during certain busy IO times.

We are hitting >30% write pending and subsequently slowing performance of other hosts as the unruly host takes the cache resources.


One option we are looking at is Server Priority Manager as a way to put a threshold on the upper limit of port IO bandwidth.


Has anyone any experience with using this wtih Storage Navigator?


Ideally the best solution would be to partition the CLPR, but that is not a trivial task and/or more spindles/ more cache would help the problem.


But from what I can read, I think the Server P manager would help throttle this bad boy back so as not to overwhelm the IO capabilties of the VSP.


Anyone got firsthand anecdotes or experience using S P M?