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HDP Implementation using Same Parity Group

Question asked by John Parsons on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by Anahad Dhillon

I have a RAID-6 Parity Group of 1.6TB FMDs on a VSP storage array. Around 4TB is currently allocated in the PG, configured using basic provisioning. I would like to use the remaining space to create a DP pool and implement thin provisioning. My plan is to create DP-VOLs in the DP pool, migrate the basic LDEVs to DP-VOLs, delete the basic LDEVs, and add that space to the DP-pool. Now for my questions...


What kind of performance hit might I see while having thick LDEVs and pool-VOLs in the same PG, and which type would see a greater performance hit?


Should all pool-VOLs be the same (or similar) size?


We use HUR to replicate data to a remote site. Will a DP-VOL replicate to a basic LDEV as long as they are both equal size?