Nigel Budd

Temporary ".ava" files being created on HDI file shares after switching on virus scanning

Discussion created by Nigel Budd on Apr 23, 2015

We've recently switched on real time virus scanning of our HDI file systems using McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage Since doing this, when a user selects a file on the HDI share from a Windows 7 PC in Windows explorer, a hidden temporary ".ava..._bak" file is created. For example, if the file test.xlsx is selected, the file .ava15902ZATaadTest.xlsx_bak is created in the same folder.  This file comes and goes until the user deselects the file. Unfortunately this causes users some unwanted side effects when browsing or renaming files. Does anyone know what these temporary files are and if there is a way of configuring the HDI or Virus scanning software not to create them ?  I have a support case open with HDS, but just wondered if anyone here had experienced this or knows why these files are being created ?