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Archive Filedata with HDIM to HCP

Question asked by Beat Fuss on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Antonio de Abreu

Hi All


Wie backup our Fileservers with Hitachi Data Instance Manager Version 4.2..2 on to a storage Server.

This solution works well.


Now we want arvive the Filedate on an HCP (Hitachi Conten Plattform).

I have read that HDIM support this process for this archive solutions


Now we have craeted a Namespace into the HCP manager with the coresponding setting. We successfully authorize the HCP Node into the HDIM Authorized Nodes.


After we tryed implementing the Policy definition and the Data Flow as a simple of HDIM User Guide, the archiveing Task will never start.

We can't drag and drop the "Batch Icon" to the HCP Node.


I found a detailed description for E-Mail archiving but no good sample for File archiving.


Has anyone experienced in this solutioin ?


Thanks for every help.


Kind regards