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Replication resync after split, unexpected behavior

Question asked by Andrew Proctor on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2015 by Andrew Proctor

I was playing with ShadowImage replication on a demo system. I created my paired volumes successfully and mounted the Primary to a Windows 2008 R2 server and wrote some files to it. I then split the pair, and mounted the S-Vol to make sure that the replication was occurring. So far, so good!


At this point I performed a re-sync in HSNM2 of the pair, which was successful. I then went back to my windows box and tried to write a file to the mounted S-Vol, expecting that I would be told that this drive was either unavailable or read only (I wanted to see which).


To my surprise, I was able to successfully create a file on the S-Vol, in fact I was able to open that file, make some changes (it was a simple test text file), and save those changes too. It was not until I performed a rescan through Windows Device Manager, did the S-Vol go offline (after that I split it again and saw that, once again, as expected the P-Vol had replicated to the S-Vol)


My question is, is this expected behaviour, that the S-Vol remains writeable after a ShadowImage pair re-sync, until Windows rescans the drives (or perhaps some other trigger)? I had expected that writes to the volume would have been controlled by the HUS, which would not have allowed them.


This is not an issue, I am just trying to understand the process fully, so any insight would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance