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Changing RAID Type

Question asked by Sreekanth Adari on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Kamalarajan S

Hi Guys


Is changing RAID type can non-disruptive and no loss of data ? If yes, what is the best way of doing it on HUS VM ?


Change need for below -


Type of Drive : SSD

Size : 400GB

Raid Type : 6

No of Parity Groups : 3

Requirement : Change RAID 6 to RAID 5


I got new drives as below -


Type of Drive : SSD

Size : 400GB

Number of Drives : 8


I need to use new drives I got to change RAID type of three parity groups from RAID 6 to 5


Below is my plan :


1. Insert all the new 8 disks to the subsystem

2. Create two RAID-5 (3+1) Parity groups

3. Create two LDEV's of approx 1200GB on each Parity Group and add them to Pool

4. We have hardware tiers, I believe these SSD parity groups automatically appear in T1. Please let me know if I need to add manually.

5. Oops I am stuck here, I actually want to remove the pool volumes which belongs to 3 parity groups but I am not finding option...


Any suggestions please


Many Thanks in Advance.


Sreekanth Adari