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HDLM - Remote Management Client Connection Problem

Question asked by Miran Kreuzer on Mar 23, 2015
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we are about to split our one and only RMC Server to a few more Servers, to accelarte HGLM a little bit.


Now i have faced a problem on the first new RMC Server. vSphere CLI and HDLM is installed, but when we try to connect to one ESX Host we get the following message back.


C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI>dlnkmgr -s IPAddress -u GLMu

ser -p Password view -path

Connect to IPAddressfailed. Server SHA-1 thumbprint: 81:41:61:69:36:C3:31:06

:00:17:58:94:15:8E:63:DE:4D:71:07:3B (not trusted).

KAPL01148-E An attempt to connect to the specified server has failed. Operation

name = view


I have changed IP and PW. :-)


We are using the same User and PW on the new RMC as on the old RMC. Am i missing something?


Would be nice to get some feedback on that issue.