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HCP AD Integration and Networks

Question asked by Tyrone Owen on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by Henk Hindriks



I've read this in one of the HCP manuals:


HCP accepts communications from Active Directory only on the [hcp_system] network. Therefore, if a tenant is configured to use AD for user authentication, that tenant must also be configured to use either the [hcp_system] network or an alias for that network for both management and data access purposes.


My understanding of the above is that I can create multiple HCP user networks (VLANs) but if those networks belong to different Active Directory domains and I want to use AD authentication to the relevant tenants/namespaces on those separate networks then I can't because all AD and data traffic will only use the 'hcp_system' network. Is that correct?


I have a management domain and a client domain. I ideally wanted to use hcp_system for management and another user defined network for the client access but I either have to use local accounts or reduce the networks to one and ensure the client domain is routable.