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Volume migration task is stuck for VSP

Question asked by Stephen McQueen on Feb 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by Stephen McQueen

Hi everyone,


I started the process of volume migration from one pool on VSP to another pool on the same VSP a couple of days ago. I used Hitachi Command Suite 8 (HCS) for it. Mobility tab - migrate data. The process was started in the evening and in the morning the progress bar was stuck at 89% and wasn't moving.

If i open the task, I see that for some of the luns the migration has been marked as successful and for 3 luns it has got stuck at different percentage.

I went to Hitachi Storage Navigator and checked the luns on the VSP. All the luns have been migrated successfully. The 3 luns that were stuck in HCS were successully migrated and working from the destination pool, too. The old luns from the old pool disappeared as was planned. So, in fact, the whole migration finished successfully. So, I decided to stop the stuck process in HCS. However, It wouldn't stop for more than a day and I clicked "stop immediately". It didn't work out either. The process has been stuck at "stopping immediately" for a couple of days now.

Can somebody tell me, how I can kill that stuck process in HCS? I don't want it to be in the list of the tasks stuck there forever. The buttons "delete task, stop task, cancel task, move to history" don't work.