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Question asked by Swee-Chin Liem on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by Swee-Chin Liem

Hi Experts,


I'm new to HUR and seeking answers for questions below:

HORCM files (with: HORCM_MON, HORCM_CMD, HORCM_LDEV and HORCM_INST) for TC/SI can be used for HUR as well, right?


From Re: paircreate error (reply from Dang Luong), command to create HUR pair is: paircreate -g <dev_group> -vl -f async <ctgid> -IH<#> -jp <id> -js <id>; from Shadow Image with and without Consistency Group (CTG) (reply from Biju), <ctgid> is not necessary as it is picked automatically.

My question is, "Mirror ID" and "CT Group" as shown in screenshot below actually are not a must if we create HUR pair using CCI, right?

And, for point (7), does it means "CT Group" = "M-JNL"?


Do we have paircreate options/switches to control the three options (Initial Copy, Priority and Error Level) as shown in GUI above?

And last but not least:


Am I right if I say -jp is 2 and -js is 3...?

Thank you.