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can a vsp hdt pool tell the difference between a 10k rpm sas 300gb drive and a 900gb drive

Question asked by Bruce Kirkland on Feb 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2015 by Michael Ratner

I have a VSP with microcode 70-06-13. I have an HDT pools with flash drives 300gb sas 10k rpm drives and some 2TB 7200 rpm drives.

I was told in the past that if i were to add 900gb sas 10k rpm drives they would be treated as 300 GB drives, so 600gb on each drive would just be idle.


I ask as  want to kick this pool up a bit but removing some 2TB dirves and replacing them with 10k rpm dirves. We won't be buying nay 300gb drives so I only have 900 gb as an option. If the hdt is going to treat the 900gb as 300 then I'd need to do some more moving around so I clear all the 300's out of the pool and backfill with 900's - trying to same myself some work.