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Process to migrate Windows Server 2012 Boot LUNs using TrueCopy?

Question asked by Chris Love on Feb 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2016 by Suresh R


We're in the process of migrating all data from our USP-VM array to a new HUS-VM array.  Both arrays are currently at latest recommended firmware level.  We have TrueCopy configured to allow replication from the USP-VM to the HUS-VM and have already used this successfully to migrate a large amount of data. 


However, we are having issues with our physical servers running Windows Server 2012 that use "Boot from SAN" and have their Boot LUNs configured on the USP-VM.  We thought we could use TrueCopy to replicate the Boot LUNs and unpresent the USP-VM LUN (configured as Host LUN 0) and then present the HUS-VM LUN as a 'new' Host LUN 0. 


When we do this, the Emulex BIOS can see the HUS-VM LUN...but it's not booting the OS from this LUN.  As this is a block level copy in theory it should work...the only difference is that the new HUS-VM LUN obviously has a different WWPN from the old USP-VM LUN.


Just wondering if anyone has had any success in migrating Windows Boot LUNs using TrueCopy? If so, what was the process you used?




Chris Love

Kinetic IT

Perth, Western Australia