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Raidcom command equivalent for "Release Host-Reserved LUNs" in Storage Navigator

Question asked by Piotr J on Feb 10, 2015
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Is there raidcom command for action "Release Host-Reserved LUNs" in Storage Navigator? In Storage Navigator it can be found: Port/Host groups -> Port_number -> Hostgroup name -> LUNs -> More actions -> Vie Host-Reserved LUNs - > Release Host-Reserved LUNs.


I can check using raidcom status of  reservation with command raidcom get lun -port CL4-E-0 -key opt. I get status of particular LUN and column OPKMA indicate reservation type (


However I'm not able to find raidcom command to relese reservation. Does anyone knows it? Clue is if it's possible in CLI mode or only in GUI.