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is SI feasible?

Question asked by San Lihe on Jan 9, 2015
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Our client is running a critical Oracle DB (10TB) which DB table spaces are on USPV,  they do a RMAN DB full backup once a week which needs 24 hours, after that they copy the RMAN dumps from file system mounted at /u10 to VTL needs 96 hours. The next RMAN backup can't start until the VTL backup is done. Since the DB is expecting to be growing up to 100 TB in one year so this kind of backup will be impossible soon. Now they want to create 3 Shadowimage copies for /u10 so they can copy the 3 SI V-VOLs to VTL rotationally, if this is possible then RMAN dumps don't need to wait the VTL backup completion.


/u01 (Oracle DB)  ----> /u10 (RMAN dumps, every Friday, SI P-VOL) -> SI V-VOL S1  (copy to VTL, Tuesday)

                                                                                                             -> SI V-VOL S2 (copy to VTL, Wednesday)

                                                                                                              -> SI V-VOL S3 (copy to VTL, Thursday)

My questions:

1. is this feasible? does SI support this?

2. any negatives? for example performance issue, share memory utilization...


Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.