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Windows server 2003 sp2, can't mount LUN from HUS 150

Question asked by Triyono Nugroho on Jan 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2015 by Michael Ratner

Hi All,


Happy new year, great success and happiness for a year ahead .

and now i need your guidance, I have win server 2k3 sp2, and last configuration is HDLM 5.91, Emulex HBA, connect to WMS with 6 LUNs, and from USPV with 2 LUNs.

Now i need expand volume from HUS 150. I already restart server, and install One Command Suite Emulex. but LUN from HUS still not coming, but when i checked in device manager, i found 4 new disk, but not in storage manager.

Do you have idea for this case?

and more information : my new LUNs from HUS150 is 1 TB, 5 TB, 5TB, and 10 TB.


warm regards,