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HCP Duplicate elimination.

Question asked by Nigel Budd on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2014 by Dang Luong

We have a newly implemented HDI/HCP system which is replacing our Microsoft 2003 cluster file server. the backend storage for these systems is HUSVM.

We are in the process of migrating 40TB of files on the cluster server to the HDI. These files are then migrated from the HDI into the HCP.

So far, we have copied just under 3TB of files onto the HDI/HCP.


The duplicate elimination service on the HCP is reporting a saving of 1.08TB of storage.

However, the HCP is also reporting that we have used 2.75TB of storage and has taken this figure off what is available.

2.75TB is about what we migrated onto the HDI, so although it is reporting over 1TB of saving, this appears not to be reflected in the used storage.


HCP Tenant stoarge



We also have single instancing turned on in the HDI, but my understanding is this is not linked to the duplicate elimination on the HCP.

The version of HCP is


I have a support call in with HDS, but wondered if anyone has any knowledge of why I'm not seeing the space savings.?