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Verizon Hybrid Solution

Discussion created by Bahman Dara Employee on Nov 19, 2014
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You may have already seen the press release by Verizon @verizon about the Hybrid Cloud Solution #cloud based on  HDS technology.  You can read bout it here

Did you know though that this is not a one off.  This is a solution that can, and will be, packaged as a telco/cloud solution and offered to other existing and prospective customers.

Here is a topline summary:


Hitachi’s adaptive cloud tiering technology allows organizations to easily transition from traditional IT to private clouds, private clouds to hybrid clouds, and hybrid clouds to public clouds. HCP Adaptive Cloud Tiering for Verizon Cloud provides customers with increased business agility, secure data access for reduced business risk, cost optimization through automation, and the flexibility to scale cloud consumption up or down as needed. With HCP, customers can easily create service plans that automatically move selected data to Verizon storage services. Data can also be compressed and encrypted before being sent to Verizon and local copies of data can be retained for performance, analytics and other operations.