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HCS8 - Changing the authentication methode to External

Question asked by Allan Larsen on Nov 10, 2014

Hi all


I'm new to Hitachi SAN systems, and to the Hitachi Command Suite, but have been giving an task to make some changes to it.


We want to use an external authentication methode, and not internal.

So I have been reading up on this, by this administrator guide, from page 157.


But I still have a few questions, after reading this.


- What happend to the internal account "System", when I change the logon methode to External. Will this account still work?

- After changing the authentication to LDAP, and having this set up, do I then need to create an new group, and add the people from the AD to this group, so they can auth to the HCS?

Or do I create an new AD group, add the people to this group, and then just add the group to the HCS software?

What is the correct way?