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Monitoring Tuning Manager Agent  Services

Question asked by Fazil Saiyed on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2014 by Dang Luong

Everyonce in a while a Agent is stopped and either forgotten to make sure its running and collecting data, this happens dispite all the tuning manager services and hicmd services are running.

Therefor i am trying to come up with best way to monitor this services , mainly i am concerned about two things

1. Stopped agents

2. Tuning manager is not collecting data from a configured storage system in HCS.

There does not seems to be a good way to monitor this

I tried hard to write a simple script so that atleast if the services are stopped they would be started few times a day by creating a batch file or windows task job but so far no luck.

i can run a task manager job to list jpctdlistraid and output the task completion to log file for my review but the cmd below has given me issues

START "C:\Program Files (x86)\HiCommand\TuningManager\jp1pc\tools\ jpcstart.exe  agtd  all   ( Tried different Tasks/bat file combos)


Seems like a simple bat file would do it but it has not worked.

what i am hoping to do is if any services are stopped this cmd on a scheudled bases would start them and tuning manager would not fail to collect performance.

If any one has better process to accomplish this let me know.