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Command Director 8.1.0 - System Error on Adding Host Collector

Question asked by Miran Kreuzer on Oct 29, 2014
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maybe somebody can point me to the right direction. I have upgraded to CD 8.1.0 and had some Problems with a Host Collector which is running on a different Server. Therefore i removed the Host Collector in the CD Interface and tried to reconfigure it again. But now, when i try to add it, i get an ERR_2559 Message:


ERR_2559 : SYSTEM ERROR: An effort to sync-up with HNAS Performance Data Collector on server has failed. Please check the logs for detail.


HNAS Performance Data Collector had been also updated to 8.1.0 and is up and running. i couldn't find any usefull messages in the logs so far, but maybe i am looking to the wrong ones.